Services & Price List

Microblading/ powderfill brows
$350 initial service
$225 for touchups beyond 8 weeks

Our specialty! This price includes a complementary 4-8 week touchup and covers brow shaping, numbing, microblading, powderfill, or a combination of the two. This service fills in sparse or uneven brows, creating a flawless shape that lasts 1-3 years. Touchups are recommended 8-12 months after the initial service, or as you start to notice fading. More detail is offered on our home page. Service typically takes about 1-2 hours and the touchup takes about 1. Feel free to call or text with additional questions or to book an appointment!

$240/four session pack

A fantastic way to combat skin imperfections including but not limited to acne, scarring, loose skin, fine lines, wrinkles, flakiness, and under eye circles. For this service, we offer numbing and use a dermapen to create microinjuries beneath the skin’s surface. As these microinjuries heal, the skin is forced to increase collagen production, resulting in a natural improvement of skin condition and texture over the course of a month. It’s recommended that clients do 4-8 treatments, 1-2 months apart for the best results, then maintain as necessary/desired. There are no foreign substances injected into the skin and no downtime. Skin may look a bit pink for 1-3 days and it’s recommended that you avoid makeup in that time. Service typically takes about an hour. Call or text with questions or to book an appointment!

Lashline enhancement
$100 for touchups on existing work

Similar to permanent eyeliner, lashline enhancement is a way to give the illusion of thicker lashes by adding pigment to the eyelid at the root of the lashes. While permanent eyeliner may not age well, lashline enhancement gives a more subtle and natural look that fades gracefully. The results last 1-3 years and price includes numbing along with the service. Colors can be custom mixed to enhance eye and lash colors. Service typically takes 1-2 hours. Call or text with questions or to book an appointment!

price varies

The perfect treatment for those with thinning hair or receding hairlines due to age, injury, illness, or just chance. A tattoo pen is used to fill in spaces on the scalp with pigment matching the client’s hair color, using a dotting technique that mimics the roots of real hair and gives the illusion of thicker and fuller hair. This can be done all over the scalp, just in thinning areas, or along the hairline. As with all services, numbing is free and the technician will sketch out a hairline based on your wants/needs. The pigment lasts 1-3 years and touchups are recommended 6-8 months after the initial service or when you start to notice fading. Service duration can vary drastically, depending on the amount of space covered. Call or text with questions or to book an appointment!

Faux freckles

Want that youthful summer look year round? Semipermanent faux freckles are the way to go! We’ll provide optional numbing at no additional cost and map out a pattern that fits your face, looks natural, and emphasizes your favorite features. The pigment typically lasts 1-3 years but touchups are recommended about a year after the initial service. The service under an hour from start to finish and there’s no downtime. Avoid applying makeup on top of the fresh freckles and use a gentle cleanser for about a week, and you’re good to go for a year! Call or text with questions or to book an appointment.